Monday, January 21, 2008
Happy Birthday Pineapple! You're THREE!!
Pineapple had a very Happy Birthday celebration!

She is so proud of putting up her three fingers when you ask how old she is.

Her big brother Ender made her a special birthday crown, which she loved of course.

We had strawberry and chocolate cake with ice cream. We had a number 3 candle, but she REALLY wanted to use the Mcdonalds candle she found.

Then she opened her presents. They were bigger than her!

The first gift was from her Grandma (a pretend granny purse- it was perfect for her!)

The second gift was from Margaret.

She sent this bear to Pineapple a year ago, but I have been saving it for the day I felt she was old enough to really appreciate it. It is the kind where you can stuff the bear yourself and insert a little star wish inside, then you can dress the bear up in princess clothes and a hat and wand and everything! She LOVED it!! It was perfect to ride on her pretend horse.

Thank you again Margaret!

The last gift was this. We had purchased this as a Christmas gift, but felt she had too many things, so we saved it for her birthday.

Nothing like being able to ride a bike when it is snowing outside- and it is!

She was so excited/wound up with all of her gifts last night (We celebrated a day early) that she would not go to sleep.
We had to put her to bed 5 times!


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Blogger Maggie said...
Oh. Happy 3rd Birthday, Pineapple! I'm glad she likes the bear!!

Blogger MMrussianadoption said...
oh, happy birthday. what a big girl you are. enjoy your special day.

Blogger Rachael said...
Happy Birthday, Piney!

Blogger Type (little) a said...
Happy Birthday Pineapple!!

Also, try and enter your blog address. Nothing is EVER really "gone".

Anonymous Isabella said...
Pineapple looks so happy! Happy Birthday!

Blogger Jane and Jim said...
Love that little choco-face!
Happy Birthday Beautiful Piney!

Blogger sandy said...
Happy Birthday Pineapple!

I can't believe it's only been a year since she's been home with you... so much has happened in that year it makes it seem longer. And she looks so much bigger and so so happy! I wish you all the best!

Blogger Jessica G. said...
Happy Birthday, Princess Piney! And I won't be showing this post to my daughter because the combination of the crown, purse, princess bear, AND pony...well, that would probably cause her head to explode.

Blogger JEN said...
Every picture captures what an amazing personality Pineapple has. I just can't get over how spunky she really reminds me of CQ!

Happy Birthday Pineapple.
CQ would LOVE that are sooo lucky!

Blogger 6blessings said...
Happy Birthday Pineapple!! What a big girl you are now! You look so sweet in all of your pictures! You've got an awfully sweet brother to make such a great crown for you!

Blogger Beverly said...
Awww happy birthday.


Blogger adoptedthree said...
Happy Birthday!

((My daughter got the same granny purse from our babysitter. I keep finding little pieces of it that seem to break off)).

Blogger Angel said...
Happy Birthday Pineapple!!!

I'm tagging you!! Please visit the post today at . My blog about Chloe is at, so you know I'm not just some random person tagging you! :)

Blogger Angel said...
We totally need to make a group! Go to . It should be there! I just directed you to the other blog to make sure you saw my connection to the adoption world!


Blogger Starfish said...
Happy Birthday, that kid is too too cute!

Anonymous Adoptive Parents said...
is her name really pineapple or is that just a nickname u gave to her?

Blogger Maggie said...
Oh, for heaven's sakes, "adoptive parents." Of course it's a blog nickname. Many people use nicknames for their kids on blogs as a privacy/safety thing.

Blogger Kristen said...
Happy Birthday Pineapple!!

We miss you, come back and blog when you get time.

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