Thursday, June 08, 2006
Adoption Waiting Thoughts: Referral Will Come If I Clean
17 days and counting and the wait is making me crazier.

The truth is I AM feeling witch-ier than usual as we get closer to my goal day with no referral. So if it gets to be too much for you just throw a bucket of water on your computer and I will melt- thanks for putting me out of my misery. (Side note: You will also have to purchase a new computer for yourself, but what a great time to upgrade.)

You know, if June 24th comes and goes with no referral I will have to convert over to the dark side (Yes, Darth Vader has been calling for me at night- “Let your impatience over take you…”).

Don’t worry, if my goal day passes; I will try to use my words instead of my fists. No pounding holes into the walls or making cute designs with sharp knives in the kitchen table. I will take deep breaths and meditate into a better place.

But this stuff will only work for a short time; I can’t go on imagining my better place indefinitely. In other words, the clock is ticking…

Note: Today's plan is to clean my house thoroughly. Someone told me a couple of days ago that if you feel helpless to control a situation, or if your life feels out of control at all then the solution is to clean your house really well. You will then feel at least a sense of control over your environment, and you will feel better about everything. So, today I am going to try this experiment and see if it works.

(Irrational Private Thoughts- cleaning my house will some how bring me closer to a referral, if it doesn't then experiment failed.)


Blogger 6blessings said...
Jen, I really hope your referral comes soon. I know how hard the waiting is. Cleaning house sounds like a good idea. Wanna come over and do mine when you are done? (Just in case you want to make double sure your experiment works.)

Anonymous Kim L. said...
That is really funny b/c your day is exactly what I am doing with my day. The waiting...since Feb... for the call for trip 1 is making me a nervous wreck. My boys keep looking at me like my head is about to begin spinning and smoke come out of my ears. This adoption process is not the lesson I need to learn patience.

I am really hoping you get your referral SOON! It gives us all hope.

Blogger Mary said...
Keep busy. The things you wait for come when you least expect it and have stopped thinking about them...even if just for a moment.

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