Friday, June 23, 2006
Pineapple's Not-Cute Bedroom

Pineapple's Room Posted by Picasa

Here is a photo of Pineapple’s room. As you can see we have a bed and not a crib. We will get a crib if we need to. Our current plan is to just get a pack-and-play portable crib and keep it by our bed and then move her into her bedroom when she is ready.

As you can see the room is not cute- like expensive little girl cute. There are no colorful painted walls or themed curtains. Just a sort of avant-garde, blue painting I got several years ago, blue, white and tan home style quilt and pillows from Target, a blue curtain, and a few toys.

Oh and that tacky circular poster you see above the dresser explains the seasons (label w/ picture). I also have one on the opposite wall that explains the days of the week. I got these from a teacher store. Don’t ask me what possessed me to hang them up. Maybe it is because I didn’t have anything else.

The furniture in the room (the dresser, bed, end table and desk) we got free from various people’s donations. You know what the miracle of that is? All of it was donated separately and it all matches pretty well. It was meant for her I think.

The point of Pineapple’s bedroom demo is that the other day my friend was over and I wanted to show her how great all of the furniture matched despite being from different people. So, I took her up to Pineapple’s room and she said,

“Jen, you are getting a girl. This room is decorated blue. You have had too many boys in your life. Do you know how to think “girl”. This room needs pink. You would not even know this was a girl’s room. Come on!”

The thing is I don’t know if I can actually buy pink stuff, or girly room decor. It is not because I hate pink. Well, I do hate certain shades of pink, but there are a lot of good shades that you can mix with purple and other colors that I really like (for example , or here). The problem is that I have avoided the girl section for so long I feel uncomfortable there. Like I am cheating. Like I am pretending. I imagine the people who walk by me know that I don’t have a girl and are giving me the “you don’t belong here” stare. This is “elite” territory for real parents of girls. I start feeling really nervous and think to myself- Who do I think I am buying something pink, or even yellow for that matter? I feel like a fake that will soon be exposed.

My mom agrees with my friend and has told me that she is going to give me some decor herself, so that Pineapple’s room will actually look like a little girls room.

The other day I broke down and actually bought a new blanket for Pineapple (It is one of those great fleece ones with the silky edges) but it is green. I chose GREEN. What is wrong with me? Please help.
Blogger -Jenny said...
Jen, YOU need some girly stuff!
Purple, Orange, Pink, Pink, Pink.

Start slowly and work your way up. I find I buy nothing that isn't pink. Pink is my favorite color so it has never been an issue.

Get out there and buy something PINK!

Blogger Debbie said...
I almost opposite. We are hpoing for a boy but I always look at girly stuff. I think it's because I have 4 nieces and love buying them things though.
Go out and get some cute girly pillows that would go with the bed. You can add from there. Once you meet Pineapple you may find out that she is not a pink frilly girl.
Check Target online Girl's decorative pillows. There are a few there that aren't pink that may look great. And you can shop online to avoid feeling fake.
Good luck!

Blogger sandy said...
The furniture does look great together!

Before I had K I was a pinkophobe too. My MIL made quilts for the kid and the "pinks" were actually melon and fuscia colors. I couldn't stand the standard pink.
One thing you can do is get on the Pottery Barn Kids mailing list... the rooms are cute and different colors (green really is SO pretty). You can condition yourself toward something girlie without buying anything. And then keep an eye out for affordable similar stuff at Target or elsewhere. That's what I do. =)

Anonymous Heather said...
Pink seems a little cliche to me. Why don't you go with purple and green. They are a pretty funky colour combo and still quite feminine without being a scheme they will likely grow out of in a few years. Pink is all the rage while girls are 3 and 4 but, once they hit elementary school, they like to exert their independent tastes by branching out. Care to redecorate when the pink craze has ended?
Whatever you do I'm sure Pineapple will love it and I can't think of a better way to forget about your impending referral deadline than to absorb yourself in decorating. :)

Blogger Christina said...
Hi Jen,
Thanks for stopping over at my blog and leaving a comment. :-)
I like the room and it's so great you got all that furniture for free and it matches! Trust me, there's no exclusive "girls" club - I have two girls and I think I would've been invited! LOL. The Pottery Barn kids catalog is great and so is ...oh and Land of Nod. I do lots of "window shopping" in the catalogs and it does help widen the horizons a bit.
Hope your referral comes next week!!

Blogger Mary said...
Jen, I think you should start with a purple or one of the shades of pink you like of samething, anything. You obviously have the ability to match stuff, so start with one thing and go from there.

You can do it!

Blogger Nicki said...
That is hysterical, I do the same thing! I recently painted the room that will be our daughter's eventually and I picked a yellowish-green and then I put a tatouage willow tree on it. It is more girly than my boys would ever accept but it is still green. With trees. haha. It might take awhile to change these stripes.

Blogger Margaret said...
Everyone else is very tactful, I'm just gonna say it. Her room needs help. I have an idea. Do another post and ask everyone to do an internet search for the perfect girl's room item (a comforter, wall art, lamp, pillow, whatever) then leave the links in the comments. Hopefully from there you'll find an inspiration piece and you can take off from there!

Sidenote - I love pink. But there's no rule about having a pink room. She just needs some feminine touches! I think once you venture into that side of the store you'll have no problem at all!

Blogger Steveg said...
What's wrong with green? I like green! Green is actually my favorite color.

But seriously, Pinapple's going to love the room regardless. And as you know from my blog, I'm not too into girly rooms, but I have to agree with your mom and your friend and go ahead and do some girly decor.


Blogger Jenni said...
So funny! My daughter and son shared a room for the first 5 months they were home, and it was all in blues, yellows and greens, with a little red thrown in. Then we moved DD into her own room, and her request was, "Pink walls please!" I painted the walls green, but did paint the window alcove pink as a compromise. Growing up such a tomboy, it is hard to adjust to being the mother of such a girly-girl!

It will be intersting to see if Pineapple turns out to be a girly-girl as may be buying a lot of pink after all! :)

Blogger 6blessings said...
Jen, I wrote this once and Blogger deleted it so I will try it again.

I am not a pink or a purple type of person either. I think the blue is fine. However, it does look boyish and needs girly touches. I couldn't tell if there was any denim in it, but that would be a good way to incorporate things. There are so many cute denim things that are girly too. Like a cute teddy bear wearing a denim dress with a bow on its head. Bows at the top of the curtain tabs. A cute lamp with flowers or butterlies. My girls have toulle butterflies and dragonflies hanging from the ceiling. Toulle over the window or in the corners of the room. Take the quilt to an embroiderer and get something girly stitched on it. Red is a good complement to blue and denim, maybe red bows. You can do it!! I can't wait to see!

Anyway, congrats on the furniture. It does match well. Also, I think the playpen idea is a good one. My son liked sleeping in his playpen more than his crib. It sure helped on space.

Blogger MAMB said...
I will have to agree - it doesn't look like a little girl's room. It looks like a guest room - a nice guest room - but a sanitized guest room.

I don't think you have to go pink to go girlie. I bought a little blanket recently too - in green as well. Buy a girlie lamp at target - in purple or yellow or green if you don't do pink. Something frivilous with sequins or feathers on it. Or as someone else said, some pillows.

Blogger Suz said...
Sorry Jen, but I have to agree with Margaret. Pineapple's room as it stands looks like my Hubby's bachelor pad.

You don't have to go as fru-fru as I did, but you can get a few feminine touches here and there :o)

I agree, you can go with the denim theme and add some girly things in with it.

I think maybe what you need to do to break your pink-o-phobia is to go to the baby girl department and buy something small but super frilly! Maybe some frilly, lacy socks or panties/bloomers. Start small, but go girly! Soon you won't be the only girl in the house - really!

Blogger Rhonda said...
Wow, I can relate to that "fake" feeling. But its not fake. Your daughter is very real. She will be home soon. I say go down that girl aisle and decorate that room!

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