Saturday, June 24, 2006
No Referral.
It is June 24, 2006. My goal day. My six-month mark.

No News. No referral.

It is Saturday, so I am really not expecting to hear anything today. I am beginning to worry that the Russians have rejected us. Perhaps they are thinking we are not a good match for any of their little girls.

Perhaps something is wrong with our dossier.

I AM wearing shorts in one of my dossier pictures. That might be making them think I will not be a good mother.

Maybe they don’t like my unsophisticated American smile…

I spent a long time sitting in Pineapple’s not-cute bedroom yesterday (thanks for all the help with that BTW).

I sat in there by myself holding Pineapple’s little Russian Anna doll and pushing her talk buttons.

Anna told me that she loved me over and over.

“I Love You. Ya-tebyA-lyublyU (Я тебя люблю )”

It was good.

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Blogger Debbie said...
I am praying and believing that any day now you will receive Pineapple's referral. Just hang in there a little bit longer. (easy for me to say I know) It will happen soon! And how could Russia not think you would make great parents! Just look at your boys.

Blogger Margaret said...
It just stinks, Jen. You should know her by now. You should know her little face and her history and be planning your trip to meet her. It's no comfort at all to hear, but it WILL happen soon. Hang in there.

Blogger 6blessings said...
Jen, I'm so sorry. I know that you will be great parents to a very special little girl. They are picking just the perfect one for you. I'm so sorry that the time is taking so long.

Blogger Ann said...
I know exactly how you feel. There's one picture of me with my nephews at the beach and I'm in a bikini, you can't really tell, only sorta tell b/c I'm holding them and family is all around. It's a great photo and thats why I put it in our album, but you start to second guess yourself. But you have to trust that YOUR child is in Russia and you will get your referral when it is the right time.(this is what I have to tell myself :0) )

Blogger -Jenny said...
Jen, It will happen. Just keep up your faith and it will happen. (ha, you can tell me the same thing in about a week, when my agency still doesn't have their license)

I spend alot of time in Mia's room. I sit on the carpet and Rory and I hang out and play and cuddle and soak it in. Conor says my next big purchase needs to be a chair so I can stop sitting on the floor.

Go in to her room and soak it in. Well, not the blue though....

Blogger Steveg said...
First, the delay is just the "Russia thing" and has nothing to do with you guys as parents, so just relax and know there is that little girl who is destined to be your daughter. And it may take a little longer but it will happen.

Blogger Rhonda said...
Oh Jen, I'm so sorry about yolur deadline. I think its time to raid Elle's liquor cabinet :) Or at least her chocolate stash. Remember the reaccreditation wait...we thought it was never going to happen, but it did. This will too. Sending you hugs from Alaska.

Blogger Kay B said...
It's going to be OK. God's timing is perfect. It's good to be in waiting mode with others who can relate. They keep saying August/September will bring re-accreditation news. August is only a short time, but it feels like an etermity when you're waiting.

Kay B

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