Monday, June 19, 2006
Is a Sleeping Adopted Child a Dichotomy?
To help facilitate attachment let the young child or baby sleep in your bed with you at first, then slowly transition to a crib or bed next to yours (fall asleep in your bed and then move when asleep) or fall asleep in their bed next to yours while you rub the child’s back. After awhile (3-6 mo) transition the child in to his or her bedroom. Stay with the child while they fall asleep and then go out.

This applies to younger or older children: It is important to have a bedtime ritual every night (brush teeth, bath, p.j.’s, story (sit close), rocking, rub back). Never skip even a portion of this ritual every night. Rocking/ holding time most important. Let the child regress- hold, or sit close, for toddlers- use a bottle, go back to diapers. Read a lot of age appropriate books, including age-appropriate books about adoption. Bottles should never be propped or left in the child’s bed. Soft blanket is good.

Never let a child self-soothe or rock him or herself- if they start to do this pick them up and rock while holding. You be the soother whenever possible.

Never let your adopted child cry it out alone. Always attend to the child at any hour.

Some children need music or white noise in the background to sleep.

Don’t let the child wake up alone at first.

Any other suggestions? Like how to get your child to sleep on the plane?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...
Jen, You've got some good advice there. I think your experience as a parent will be sooo are already so far ahead of the game than I was (I was a first time parent). As with everything else, seems every parent and child finds their own way. If one thing doesn't work, even if the experts swear by it.....keep trying stuff until something works. For instance, I was soooo determined that I would co-sleep. So when it didn't work....I didn't know what to do and felt soooo guilty. Now I know that the real goal is to have everyone sleeping, rather than being tied to a certain method.


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