Friday, June 23, 2006
Happy Link Day

Anyone want to take this little guy home? I will tell you exactly where to go to pick him up: Park Forest, Illinois. Look for the park in the center of town. All you need to get there is a time machine - because this little cutie doesn’t exist today, at least not as a toddler.

He is now my handsome eleven year old Link, who has just graduated from elementary school and is ready for bigger and better things. I just wanted to tell him how proud I am of him for graduating and all that he has accomplished. He ran for Vice President and did very well- got into the final elections after passing the primaries. He co-created a really cool and innovative bridge for the 5th grade Science Fair. He made some great art projects and some really interesting stories. He has a big heart and he tries to make good choices in life. We are really proud of him.

I am posting this because Link had a bad day yesterday and I wanted to cheer him up. This morning he woke up convinced it was going to be another bad day and told me he was not getting out of bed all day. I coaxed him out of bed, but he is still a little discouraged. So I hope you cheer up Link! And know that you are loved!


Blogger 6blessings said...
What a cute baby and what a handsome young man! It sounds like you are a very smart and kind guy. Cheer up Link! You've got a lot going for you! Every day is a new start!! SMILE!!

Blogger Margaret said...
I've never even met him and I think he's a great kid. I'm sorry he had a bad day yesterday... I hope today was better!

Blogger sandy said...
He is very very handsome! I hope his day was better.

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