Monday, June 26, 2006
Extreme Makeover: Pineapple's Room
Margaret had a great idea to help me out with Pineapple's bedroom, she said:

"Ask everyone to do an Internet search for the perfect girl's room item (a comforter, wall art, lamp, pillow, whatever) then leave the links in the comments. Hopefully from there you'll find an inspiration piece and you can take off from there!"

So, go to it guys- Give me some inspiration. If you can't locate a perfect item, then just pick a decorated whole bedroom picture and point out what you especially like.

Then I am going to do an extreme makeover on Pineapple's room. My mom said she is going to help out too (thanks mom!).

Be patient. It might take some time, but when I think the room is perfect I will show you all a video or at least several photos of the makeover!

Thanks for your help!


Blogger Starfish said...
Go to this website, it has some great ideas and tips.

Blogger SoFlaMom said...

Love the bed in this room. A must for girls!


Blogger Mary said...
I like the Baby Universe site ( They have lots of great stuff. There's also Babys or ToysRUs or Sears has some stuff too.

Blogger Suzanne said...
Suzanne: Self-Appointed Décor Doctor.

Dx: severe lack of perky. Notice that perky does not have to be pink. Perky and tailored are opposites. Kids generally do not appreciate the tailored look.

Suzanne’s RX for this very NOT-GIRLY bedroom (disregard at will).
1. take out all the furniture. Put the lamp somewhere else as it is not allowed back in. Same with the futon.
2. go to Ikea (physical or virtual) and get some perky curtains ($20) and bedding ($15). It doesn’t have to be perfect. It doesn’t have to be the best. If you make yourself search for the PERFECT and BEST choice, you will never be able to choose. It does have to be something that makes you smile and that you can afford. That’s plenty good enough.
3. paint 3 walls a nice white (Behr Smart White at Home Depot – sale this weekend) is a nice perky white, good for walls and ceilings.
4. paint 1 wall a pretty color – one that is in your curtains/bedding. It doesn’t have to be pink. We used Periwinkle in one of our rooms.
5. look carefully at the furniture you hauled out. Can you bear to paint one or all of them? If they have nice finishes, it is a pity to paint them, but if the finishes are ho-hum, paint the furniture in colors (semi-gloss) that are compatible with your curtains and bedding. OR get a garage sale dresser and paint it, and then let Pineapple put stickers on it all her life. Be sure to send the dresser off to college with her.
6. Buy silly lamps.

Anonymous Kim L. said...
I too have boys and not anything close to "girly" anywhere in our home. I really like Pottery Barn b/c they are fairly conservative... you can mix and match well, or "jazz" things up as you see fit. I almost had an anxiety attack trying to buy two bedspreads for the teen girls we are getting. They really like pink and told me that is how they wanted their room. It was quite funny watching my two boys, my husband and myself shop for pink.

Here are the Pottery Barn links.


Blogger Debbie said...
Of course the one I picked is temporarily out of stock but I still think it's so pretty.

Blogger Margaret said...
Found one! I love this piece. It's girly without going overboard. And I think the blue, yellow, and black (believe it or not) color scheme is really sweet.

Blogger sandy said...
Ok, here are my Pottery barn contributions:

Multicolored quilt in room with lavender walls. (This quilt is nice because you can accessorize with any of its colors.)

Green and lavender room. This one is very simple and nice.

The things I like about the Pottery Barn rooms (but things that may be difficult to work around):

1) The girls rooms all have white furniture. It brightens up the rooms nicely and allows you to have color on the walls. But if you commit to this then you have a lot of painting to do. Perhaps paint one piece of furniture white, or get a white bookcase from Ikea or Target.

2) The wall colors are lovely. But it also means that you need to choose a color, then invest the time and energy into painting. (One room may not be so bad... I painted a whole house interior once... never again.) If the room gets a lot of light, it might be really pretty! And then the white trim is nice too. I think Pottery Barn keeps a book of all their room colors if one strikes your fancy. Maybe you can get a color chip and then match it at Home Depot.

3) Bed skirt. This will pretty up a room pronto.

And if you're willing to consider pink, but don't want overwhelming froufy... check out this quilt that's on sale RIGHT NOW. (I love it.) Twin for $89.99, Full/Qn for $119.99. Get it now before it's gone! It might even go with the green blanket (maybe???) The first example above might be a better match. I don't know.

(If the above link doesn't work, go to the sale page of and click the bedding and bath link.)

Good luck and have fun!!

Blogger Lauri said...

This is my link. I love pottery barn's line of quilts ( well made) and they were my first choice, I later changed my mind and sold it on ebay. My tip is to buy it from ebay to save a ton. I love Yellow for little girls rooms as well- its happy and sunny and I think it would fit Pineapple well.

Let us know how it goes and post pics

How exciting...

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Fun project! We just got rid of the crib..... This is the bed my parents are getting my daughter for her third birthday this fall:|25991


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