Thursday, June 01, 2006
Adoption: Referral or Else!
O.K. I am ready now. I am getting immunized for Russia (tetanus- diphtheria, Hepatitis A &B) today. I have my packing list and I have even packed ahead. I have read enough books and articles on adoption and Russia to last a life time. I have been taking the online adoption course. So…

Where is my referral? 24 days folks. My goal day is June 24th. If I don’t get a referral by then I will

a. go on a Gandhi like starvation diet
b. burst into flames
c. click my heels together 5 times
d. twirl around and around until I get so dizzy I fall down
e. hug everyone I know and cry on their shoulder
f. suck it up

O.k. if you picked choice f than you win a prize. However, you will have to be present at the next claw machine that M encounters to pick it up. Only those present can claim their prize. Sorry, no refunds or exchanges. Thanks for playing.

Seriously though- I am counting down the days- And don’t tell me not to set a goal day- that I am just setting myself up for disappointment because- It’s my party and I can cry if I want to- AND I am trying to be a little optimistic here.

We all need to look for those shining lights at the end of the tunnel.


Blogger Liv said...
Hang in there Jen. Have you called your agency to see how big their referral batches are and where you are on their list? Or the Russian Embassy's list? I forgot how that works. Does your agency keep in touch with you at all? I predict that you will be spastic between trips.

Blogger Elle said...
Hey! You could set up a pool and we could all put in our dates. We did that last fall with reaccreditation. No one won, but it was fun while it lasted. I like the burst into flames option. Just because I think it would be funny. I could see the headlines now "Blonde spontaneously combusts." Not that I would wish you any harm.

Anonymous trinaleah said...
Well your options all sound
How exciting, I sure hope it all comes through for you Jen. And you are sooo right, its YOUR party and you CAN cry if you want too. I will cry with you if you want....smiling.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Wishing you a very speedy referral! Do you know what region your agency works in or are there several? Serena

Blogger sandy said...
Jen, your referral is coming soon. I can feel it.

I wanted to thank you for keeping such an organized blog with all your lists and reviews. I LOVE it, and it has been (and will continue to be) incredibly helpful to me.

Blogger jeneflower said...
Serena- I am registered in the Bryansk region (Just SW of Moscow).

Liv- I will call them soon.

Sandy- Thanks!

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