Tuesday, May 30, 2006
Pineapple Is No Longer Toyless
As I have mentioned before, M does not want to buy any toys for Pineapple until after we have received a referral, so that he can believe our adoption is really going to happen. He knows however, that I would like to go shopping now, for everything that she might ever possibly need.

You also need to know that M has a problem with not being able to “just say no” to game machines and amusement park games. We always go home from amusement parks with a myriad of items that he has won. After the last amusement park we came home with a giant bouncy ball (almost as big as my seven-year-old), a blow up ball and chain and a hard baseball cap. This (junk in my opinion) is very exciting for my kids who egg him on to win more. Now you have the background.

So- we go into Denny’s the other day and M eyes the claw machine. It is the game where you try to claw a stuffed animal to win. I see him look it over and I give him my usual disapproving look. He turns to me and says, “Don’t you want some stuffed animals for Pineapple? I thought you wanted some toys for her.” This is a low blow, so I have to give in. While I sit in the booth, M and the kids try to win a stuffed animal for Pineapple. And guess what? They come back with the cutest stuffed dog (below).

Then we sit there for awhile and I can see that M is not satisfied. He is getting antsy. He turns to me. “Don’t you think that Pineapple would like more than one stuffed animal?” I have to admit that as a young girl I had a very large collection of stuffed animals. I concede. Off he goes with the kids to try to win again.

They come back shortly and the kids are excited, “We won again!! We won a bear!!” they cry, “...but there is a little problem with it. The bear’s hat says #1 Dad and he is also an AXE murderer!”
“Wonderful.” I say

Photo of the Teddy Bears golf club... I mean axe (to cut down trees of course)

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Blogger 6blessings said...
I love the puppy. Maybe the bear can be dad's Father's Day gift. Glad Pineapple has some toys.

Blogger Debbie said...
LOL. That is so funny.
I am addicted to those things as well. On our honeymoon I had a roll of quarters. I won 4 animals and they were big. I was proud!

Blogger Elle said...
too funny. Glad Pineapple is slowly working into finally owning toys!

Blogger Starfish said...

I'm with him though, I haven't bought a single thing yet. I don't want to jinx it!! I may explode once we get the referral!

Anonymous Betsy said...
How funny! What a sneak your husband is! Did your boys get that gene? :)

Blogger Tricia said...
I feel strange about buying all of this new furniture for the kids but at the same time it's stange having empty rooms.

Glad to see that Pineapple is getting the stuffed animals that she "needs". :)

Blogger MAMB said...
My father in law can't walk past one of those claw machines. He knows which ones have the best toys and best claw grips. Good to start the stuffed animal collection while Pineapple is young :)

Blogger Margaret said...
I dumped so much money into those things last year. Peanut loved them and he never got a single toy.

Blogger Mary said...
That's funny. I must admit that the one of the things that kept me sane was the shopping.

My son is always tempted by those machines...but you guys did good! Those are cute.

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