Wednesday, May 10, 2006
Adopting from Bryansk Russia Itinerary Schedule
We have a general itinerary for our trips to Russia. This is it:

Bryansk Itinerary-

1st trip
Day 1- Arrive in Moscow, go to hotel- rest, take overnight train to Bryansk, rest at hotel
Day 2- Officially receive referral, go to orphanage to meet child, go back to the hotel to rest, take over night train to Moscow and rest at hotel
Day 3- Go to Notary
Day 4- Go home

2nd trip
Day 1- Arrive in Moscow, go to hotel- rest, take overnight train to Bryansk, rest at hotel
Day 2- Court
Day 3-13 Wait 10 days in Moscow
Day 14- Return to Bryansk, take custody, obtain decree, birth certificate, passport for child, take over night train to Moscow
Day 15 – Rest at hotel, medical exam, VISA interview
Day 16- Go home

Do you think this is unusual? Only one day to meet and be with the child before we actually adopt? And we spend the 10 days waiting in Moscow, instead of the region? This could get expensive. There must be a reason this is the itinerary for this region because the sample itineraries for other regions say that the parent stays in the region over the 10 days and visits the child throughout. Hmmmmm. Maybe it is so we don’t eat and drink too much of their Chernobyl affected food. Just a guess?


Anonymous Leggy said...
No experience, but that does seem odd to me, particularly from the child's perspective. Do you even see the child before court on trip 2? They will have only spent a few hours with you before they are whisked away from everything they've ever known. Have you asked your agency about it? What did they say?

Blogger Elle said...
That does seem a little odd. Is this itinerary coming from your agency? If so I would ask around on the Yahoo group. There should be one for Bryansk. If there isn't one ask around on FRUA or Those people can be good for stuff on occasion.

Seems like an awfully quick 1st trip and not being able to see your child for the 10 would suck!

Blogger Suz said...
Yes, that does sound odd not only to spend just one day with the child but to spend the 10 day wait in Moscow - you're right that is definitely going to add up - Moscow is expensive! I'd certainly ask my agency lots of questions about the why of it all.

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