Saturday, May 20, 2006
Wonderful Russian Toys
I have been looking at the website for Russian Toys and I am considering a few things.

These blocks look fun, but I wonder if they are a boy thing. I want my child to be balanced, so maybe she needs some boy toys and some girl toys. I actually did try to give my boys a couple of baby dolls when they were little – just to bring out their sensitive sides. They quickly lost the clothes, colored black permanent ink all over them- made pitch black eyes and fang teeth. They also enjoyed pulling off the heads. That worked well.

To help Russian speaking children learn English: Computer Software (CD-ROM). This seems like a good idea. My kids love computer games. However, this may be an inherited trait. They have always enjoyed a lot of the same things. I wonder how much of that is inherited, environmentally influenced, gender influenced or age influenced. It will be interesting to see the differences this new child will demonstrate. I suppose I should have her check out some of our age appropriate computer games before getting this, but it does look promising. This software is for age 3-7, but there is software for older kids too. Click here to see.

These DVDs look like they might be a Must Have. I would think that they would be very comforting to a Russian child that is being thrust into a new American world. I think if I alternate these with American cartoons it will help to ease the transition.

Do you all think this boat would be very fun to play with? I just don’t know. It looks kind of boring to me. All of the passengers look the same. "Hi Tatiana," says Ekaterina. "No, I am Anna", says Anna. "Oh, you look so much like Tatiana," says Ekaterina. "Yes, you do too, " says Anna, "I thought you were me," says Anna. "Oh no. I am not you," says Ekaterina. "Of course not," says Anna. Second thought- you could come up with hours and hours of dialogue fun here. "Hmmmm... I think the captain thinks I am the prettiest," says Catherine. "No ME!" says Nadia (a fist fight ensues- oh sorry- no fists- A head bang insues).

My library actually has a similar video to this one. I could use it to say basic words in Russian and English to her. It wouldn’t hurt for us all to be a little bilingual.

Can you imagine buying these?Just what I would want- a loud whistle being blown in my ear all day long. That would alternate with the loud screams of the child from when the whistle was being taken away. No thanks.

These lullabies look especially comforting. I think I will need to get at least one of these.

I am amazed at what some people spend their time on.I have nothing against puzzles (with few pieces), but what is the real point of 1500 piece puzzles or 6000 piece puzzles? Do they not feel like a giant waste of time? I mean what do you do with them after you have painstakingly spent hours of your time putting together thousands of pieces to create a picture that you can see by simply looking at the photo on the puzzle box? You wreck it. You can’t even eat it or sleep in it or use it for a gift. I guess you could give it as a very tacky gift ("Here is my completed puzzle for your birthday Aunt Joan: WARNING- falls apart"). But most of us just crumble it ourselves and return it to the box. Really- who has time for thousands of pieces when you have just adopted a child? And what if you lose just one piece out of the thousands? Just one. Puzzle is ruined now. Garbage, right? O.K. you puzzle lovers, defend yourselves.

This doll is TOO cute. But for $32.95 I don’t know. I guess I am cheap, but this seems expensive to me. Is this the going price of dolls? I don’t know much about the doll market. I sadly skip over the girl toy section at every department store. Maybe though, we can splurge for a birthday or something.

This bowling game looks fun.However, I am not sure what makes this game particularly Russian. Is it the colors? Perhaps you all could shed some light here. They are cute, but 3 pins is kind of sparse I think. When my kids were little we would play bowling with all kinds of things- milk cartons, pop bottles. We actually did have a little plastic bowling set for a while. It was a big hit.

All in all, there are some good toys here and this site is a great resource. Hopefully they will continue to add to their inventory. Check it out!


Blogger Debbie said...
I love toy reviews.
You jave to have the blocks. She can always be the princess.
I never saw those DVD's before as a big Disney fan they are a must have for us.
I love puzzles. I already told Dave I want that one but I am waiting for the 1000 piece edition. I have a Winnie the Pooh puzzle in the nursery that I did hanging on the wall. I am working on another one that may replace it.
The doll is so cute but I have seen similar ones for around $15 of course they don't speak Russian!
Have you checked this one out They have a lt of wood stuff.

Blogger jeneflower said...
You got me- you can glue your puzzle together and hang it on the wall. So there you go- puzzles are not completely worthless. And I DO realize that puzzles can have a calming affect and be good for your brain. O.K. O.K.

Blogger 6blessings said...
Interesting site. We saw many of the traditional wooden toys in the marketplace we went to in Moscow. We thought they were funny.

On the puzzle issue, my oldest daughter loves puzzles. She just finished one with a 3D effect. It is dizzying, but really cool. She is going to glue it together and hang it on her wall.

Anonymous melissa said...
this comment has NOTHING to do with toys. I am a pathetic lurker. After I read someones blog from start to finish, I must find another to add to my collection, because there are just not enough daily entries from everyone to keep my mind active.

I don't think I could run a blog, I don't have the prose that most of you out there have.

I just finished reading your blog (from start to finish, it took about a week).

I would post comments along the way, but I don't know if you ever go back through your comments and check them or if you have a new comment alert for old posts. I've always wanted to ask.

I love your prose, however, I'm not sure about this, but I think list making is an OCD trait. If it isn't, it should be in your case ... LOL.

Thanks for the entertainment ...


Blogger jeneflower said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and for delurking! I always enjoy reading people's comments. I actually get an email sent to me every time someone comments. I didn't used to have this feature (you can opt for it or not when you set up your blog)- I used to just check my blog for comments, but I kept missing comments left on past posts- so I opted for the comments to be emailed to me. The email has a link to the post that the comment was made, so I know which post the comment was meant for. I think most of the bloggers have their comments emailed to them. So, if you ever want to comment on anyone's past posts than they will most likely get your message.

You are right, if list making is an OCD symptom, than I definitely have it!

Anonymous Youngmummy said...
Hi Jen
I just wanted to let you know that I LOVE that little doll. If I could only pick one of those toys it would be that one. Especially seeing as she speaks Russian.
I think your little girl would love it.
Now that said I am a bit of a girly girl so maybe you would prefer something else ;o)
Anyways, I can tell this little girl is going to be one lucky little girl to have you as her mom.
Take care

Anonymous Anonymous said...
What age do you think your girl will be? I was totally surprised when my daughter just two years old developed a LOVE for the nesting dolls. She played 'babies' all the time. I had bought several so I let her play with one set. She eventually broke two of the dolls....they are glued together and off limits now. My point being, i have noticed kids love nesting dolls.

The Anna for a Christmas gift, birthday gift or some big deal gift. We have it, its fun. It is pricey. Its not a must have in my opinion. Maybe if my girl was older?

I love this website. I've wanted to get the boat too. Oh and my girl loves blocks.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Oh and regarding lullabies, here is one I LOVE. They are adoptive parents. Their child is from the same baby home as mine. Anyway, my mother bought this CD for me and its sooo beautiful. Some is in English, some Russian. Very appropriate for adoption.

Blogger Margaret said...
I love the blocks. Those are awesome. Even Peanut would have liked those. Before you order the CD, though, look up Teresa Kelleher's RUSH into English. She makes language CDs especially for adopting families and their children. They're expensive, but come highly recommended.

Anonymous Betsy said...
I've looked at that sight and have the lullabies and the doll on my "wish" list. I was thinking of the doll for birthday or Christmas (once I realized that we don't have to have EVERYTHING we ever want her to have before we get her!) I also like the blocks, but thought they might be better when she's older.

Blogger Suz said...
Jen, we have the bilingual baby video and it is great. Sort of along the lines of the baby einstein videos. I have personally learned alot from it! D will be watching it in the living room while I'm doing dishes or something and I'm learning right along. It has a tiny cheat word in the bottom right hand corner for the parents. I don't think they have DVD yet though, but luckily we've still got one VCR that still works. D calls it the "world ball" movie because the kids play with inflatable globes in the opening credits. While we were in Russia, she kept telling Daddy he needed to watch World Ball when he got home!

We also have the doll. She is cute. D hasn't learned much from her, but probably because she already knew it from Bilingual Baby. I think we'll take her with us next trip and see how accurate she is. I've heard some reviews from Russian speaking kids who say the accent is not right at all. Who am I to know, though?? Even if it's not it's still worth having. I'm sure WHATEVER bit of Russian I or D learn is going to be heavily twanged up with our Texas accents!

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