Wednesday, May 10, 2006
Unusual Names for Girls
I am getting worried for our new daughter. My boys submitted a list of potential names they want to name our new daughter (real name, not a bloggy nickname)


Liz (Not short for Elizabeth, short for Lizard)
Zaga Night
Astro Comet Dragon

(It is O.K. if you want to steal any of these names. I won't tell my kids)
Blogger 6blessings said...
These are great!!

When were expecting our twins we thought it would be neat to let our three year old daughter submit some names. She thought for a long time and finally smiled. "I think we should call them Chili and Pie," she said very confidently. Her favorite food at the time was Frito Chili Pie, hence the affectionate names. Needless to say, we did not go with her choices.

Anonymous Leggy said...
LOL- are your kids related to Frank Zappa? Perhaps they'd like Moon Unit?
No way in hell I'm leaving any part of the naming up to my son. She'd be named after a power ranger.

Anonymous Mary said...
Don't be surprised if one of these stick as a nickname when Pineapple Princess comes home.

Blogger Margaret said...
I like Zanoodo. It's just fun to say.

Blogger Elle said...
Oo Oo!! Astro Comet Dragon!!! I might steal that if you don't use it.

Blogger Starfish said...
Would you believe that my nickname is actually Zelda?? Only my mom calls me that and you should see the looks I get when she forgets and calls me that in a store. Maybe I'll name my kid that!!

Anonymous melissa said...
I actually like the name Zelda. That was my nickname in college :-)

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