Wednesday, May 10, 2006
Adoption Fundraising
Adoption is Expensive! Lisa provided a great website resource: ANGEL FIRE to help us defray the cost of our adoptions. At this site you can find out about adoption grants, loans, airfare discounts, fundraising, employer benefits, state subsidies and other resources and options. This is a wonderful resource for anyone who is adopting.

There are a lot of other great adoption fundraisers going on. I am on the hunt for as many as I can find. I will list them here. If you know of a fundraiser site, resource or opportunity I didn’t list, please let me know. Thanks!

A Child’s Desire
A Family's Desire; Fundraising for Adoption
A Mother's Love
Fundraiser for Latvian Orphanage
To Russia with Love
Maria's Children International

Fundraising opportunities:

A Child’s Desire
The Purple Hippo . . .
Anna Bears Adoption Fundraising
Affording Adoption

A number of people have set up a small business from their homes with the proceeds going into the adoption account. These tend to be in the hand-craft category (i.e. Lisa’s homemade chocolates)

Another great fundraising resource site- Creative Fundraising

Good Luck and thanks again for revisiting my fundraiser site!


Blogger Suz said...
Wow, that's cool you can raise money just by having people click on the Google Ads! I clicked 20 times and will remember to come every day and click away!

Blogger jeneflower said...

I know. It is easy and it doesn't cost me anything, or the people who click. It is a perfect fundraiser. Thanks for helping out!

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