Friday, May 12, 2006
Photos of Adoptable Russian Children
I found some interesting information on FRUA today. You can look up adoptable kid’s photos that are on the Russian database in your region. This is Russia’s official site for this, so these photos are not illegally posted. You might find a photo here of your child, that you can copy and keep. It is true though that the databank lists lots of kids that are already home and is missing a bunch of kids that are in the databank. It is useful for finding pictures on your referrals that you otherwise may never see and to just see some of the children that are or were at your orphanage.

This is how you do it:

Go to:

Scroll down to the bottom where you can mark boxes and mark what applies to you (see translation to help you)-

Пол ребенка = Gender of the Child
мужской = male
женский = female

Цвет глаз = Eye Color
карий = brown; hazel
голубой = light blue
серый = gray
зеленый = green
черный = dark; black

Цвет волос = Hair Color
темные = dark
русые = light brown
черные = black
светлые = blonde
светло-русые = very light brown
темно-русые = medium brown

Год рождения = Year of Birth

Hold down the Ctrl key to select multiple regions from the list.

Агинский Бурятский АО = Aginski Buryatski AO
Алтайский край = Altaiski Krai (Barnaul)
Амурская область = Amurskaya Oblast (Amur)
Архангельская область = Arkhangelskaya Oblast (Arkhangelsk)
Астраханская область = Astrakhanskaya Oblast (Astrakhan)
Белгородская область = Belgorodskaya Oblast (Belgorod)
Брянская область = Bryanskaya Oblast (Bryansk)
Владимирская область = Vladimirskaya Oblast (Vladimir)
Волгоградская область = Volgogradskaya Oblast (Volgograd)
Вологодская область = Vologodskaya Oblast (Vologda)
Воронежская область = Voronezhskaya Oblast (Voronezh)
Еврейская АО = Jewish Autonomous District (Birobidjan)
Ивановская область = Ivanovskaya Oblast (Ivanovo)
Иркутская область = Irkutskaya Oblast (Irkutsk)
Кабардино-Балкарская Республика = Kabardino-Balkarskaya Republic
Калининградская область = Kaliningradskaya Oblast (Kaliningrad)
Калужская область = Kaluzhskaya Oblast (Kaluga)
Камчатская область = Kamchatkskaya Oblast (Kamchatka)
Карачаево-Черкесская Республика = Karachaevo-Cherkesskaya Republic
Кемеровская область = Kemerovskaya Oblast (Kemerovo)
Кировская область = Kirovskaya Oblast (Kirov)
Коми-Пермяцкий АО = Komi-Permyatski AO
Корякский АО = Koryakski AO
Костромская область = Kostromskaya Oblast (Kostroma)
Краснодарский край = Krasnodarski Krai (Krasnodar)
Красноярский край = Krasnoyarski Krai (Krasnoyarsk)
Курганская область = Kurganskaya Oblast (Kurgansk)
Курская область = Kurskaya Oblast (Kursk)
Ленинградская область = Leningradskaya Oblast (St. Petersburg Region)
Липецкая область = Lipyetskaya Oblast (Lipetsk)
Магаданская область = Magadanskaya Oblast (Magadan)
Москва = Moscow (City)
Московская область = Moscow (Region)
Мурманская область = Murmanskaya Oblast (Murmansk)
Ненецкий АО = Nyenyetski AO
Нижегородская область = Nizhegorodskaya Oblast (Nizhny Novgorod)
Новгородская область = Novgorodskaya Oblast (Novgorod)
Новосибирская область = Novosibirskaya Oblast (Novosibirsk)
Омская область = Omskaya Oblast (Omsk)
Оренбургская область = Orenburgskaya Oblast (Orenburg)
Орловская область = Orlovskaya Oblast (Orlov)
Пензенская область = Penzenskaya Oblast (Kuznetsk)
Пермская область = Permskaya Oblast (Perm)
Приморский край = Primorsky Krai (Vladivostok)
Псковская область = Pskovskaya Oblast (Pskov)
Республика Адыгея = Adigia Republic (Gorno-Altaysk)
Республика Алтай = Altai Republic
Республика Башкортостан = Bashkortostan Republic (Ufa)
Республика Бурятия = Buryatia Republic
Республика Дагестан = Dagestan Republic
Республика Ингушетия = Ingushetia Republic
Республика Калмыкия = Kalmykia Republic
Республика Карелия = Karelia Republic
Республика Коми = Komi Republic
Республика Марий Эл = Mari-El Republic
Республика Мордовия = Mordovia Republic
Республика Саха (Якутия) = Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)
Республика Северная Осетия (Алания) = Republic of North Ossetia
Республика Татарстан = Republic of Tatarstan (Kazan)
Республика Тыва = Republic of Tuva
Республика Удмуртия = Republic of Udmurtia
Республика Хакасия = Republic of Khakasia
Республика Чувашия-Чаваш = Republic of Chuvashia-Chavash
Ростовская область = Rostovskaya Oblast (Rostov)
Рязанская область = Ryazanskaya Oblast (Ryazan)
Самарская область = Samarskaya Oblast (Samara)
Санкт-Петербург = Saint Petersburg (City)
Саратовская область = Saratovskaya Oblast (Saratov)
Сахалинская область = Sakhalinskaya Oblast (Sakhalin)
Свердловская область = Sverdlovskaya Oblast (Ekaterinburg)
Смоленская область = Smolenskaya Oblast (Smolensk)
Ставропольский край = Stavropolski Krai (Stavropol)
Таймырский АО = Taimirski AO
Тамбовская область = Tambovskaya Oblast (Tambov)
Тверская область = Tverskaya Oblast (Tver)
Томская область = Tomskaya Oblast (Tomsk)
Тульская область = Tulskaya Oblast (Tula)
Тюменская область = Tyumenskaya Oblast (Tyumen)
Ульяновская область = Ulyanovskaya Oblast (Ulyanovsk)
Усть-Ордынский Бурятский АО = Ust-Ordinski Buryatski AO
Хабаровский край = Khabarovski Krai (Khabarovsk)
Ханты-Мансийский АО = Khanty-Mansiski AO
Челябинская область = Chelyabinskaya Oblast (Chelyabinsk)
Чеченская Республика = Chechenskaya Republic (Chechnya)
Читинская область = Chitinskaya Oblast (Chita)
Чукотский АО = Chukotski AO
Эвенкийский АО = Evenkiski AO
Ямало-Ненецкий АО = Yamalo-Nenetski AO
Ярославская область = Yaroslavskaya Oblast (Yaroslavl)

Возможные формы устройства = Potential Arrangement
усыновление = adoption
опека (попечительство) = guardianship (trusteeship)
приемная семья = foster family

Наличие братьев и сестер = Presence of Siblings
есть брат или сестра = has sibling(s)
нет = no siblings

Cool, huh?

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Blogger 6blessings said...
Oh my goodness!! I found our kids! I had to take off hair color and eye color and try different options, but they finally came up. Interestingly enough, you helped us get a missing picture we had always wondered about. When we were sent the referrals for the boys, we were sent a b&w photo of the two of them and a color picture of one of them. We asked where the other picture was, but no one seemed to know. We assumed since they thought they were identical twins, they didn't need two pictures. If you have seen one, you've seen them both. However, I found the other picture on this site. Now we have a complete set. It's a little scary seeing them on there and knowing they are still in open territory.

Thanks so much for sharing your info. I can't wait to show my husband.

Anonymous Leggy said...
Did you know you can translate the site into English? Go to and then enter the URL they've listed above and tell it you want a Russian to English translation. Then you can read what you are selecting as well as read the responses that come back.

Blogger jeneflower said...

I did know that you can translate the site. I actually tried it this way first. However, I found that the search engine had a lot of trouble working within the translation. Everything worked smoother in the original Russian version. However, thanks for pointing that out for people who would like to see the page translated.

Blogger Suz said...
Yes, I actually saw baby V on there for months before we got the referral! There are 5 baby girls in Ulyanovsk born in 2005 so I looked at those babys for a while. I was always drawn to this one baby all that time, even though baby #5 looks exactly like my older daughter did as a baby (so I thought they may be sibs, but they're not). Anyhow, when our casemanager called with our referral, I almost knew before he said her name that it was going to be baby V!!

I've gone and printed off several of the picture from the site. This is the picture they showed us at the MOE when we got our official referral of baby V! That was like total clarification to me when they turned that computer screen and there she was!

Blogger Margaret said...
I used to check Peanut on there every day. It helped me to see that he was technically avaiable for adoption. Now, of course, I know that was a load of bunk.

I had always planned to save that photo for Peanut's Life Book since it's the youngest photo I have of him.

Blogger Tricia said...
I'll have to save these links! thanks for the cool tool.

Blogger Elle said...
I am with Margaret. I checked for A frequently too. I looked again last night because they just did some rearranging of photos. A is still on the list and there are 3 boys with Pickle's name. Two born in his birth month, but the one that isn't is the one that looks most like him.

With the babelfish translator you have to translate each individual page. Jen is right, it works better in the original Russian. It is also helps you learn your Russian alphabet!

Blogger Lauri said...
I think I found Olivia's pic- man it looks so much like her, birth month is the same- its uncanny the resemblance.Thanks for the info jen


Blogger Gaye & Andrew said...
I think I found Roman's pic as well...there are not very many babies posted from Kaliningrad. I am pretty sure it is him, but it is so hard to tell :) Thanks Jen!! ~ gaye

Blogger Gaye & Andrew said...
nevermind...definitely not Roman. he doesnt seem to be on there which is a good thing, I guess

Blogger Lea said...
This is great, thanks so much! I had not seen this yet. I definitely need to get out more:).

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