Saturday, April 01, 2006
Adoption Fundraiser
I was inspired to come up with my own adoption fundraiser plan. You can see the link to my fundraiser above my photo to the left. Also, here: Jennefer’s Adoption Fundraiser Idea. If you have a fundraiser I don't know about please give the link in the comment section. Thanks for helping out if you can; however, I know we are all poor, so don't feel obligated. Especially because we are going to be planting a money tree in our backyard soon. My parents used to say that to me when I would ask them for money, "Do you think we have a money tree in our backyard?" It is one of those really stupid parent comeback lines that you might find yourself saying one day. Seriously though I know the Adoption machine sticks the expenses to all of us- so thanks for checking it out, but don't feel obligated.

Since I made this site on yahoo’s geocities I recommend you have a pop-up blocker, so you don’t get any of yahoo’s pop-up ads when you go to the site. Thanks again for checking it out!

If you like to shop on line I have to also recommend, in addition to my fundraiser site of course: Lands End. I know you are all thinking that this is not a great discovery- Who cares? We have all heard of that before. However, this is the cool thing. If you go to their site and click on Overstocks at the top right it takes you to these really great deals. You can specialize your search by clicking on the gender and size of clothes you are looking for. It is the perfect place for getting inexpensive children’s clothes. However, the greatest thing about ordering from this site is that anything that doesn’t work out can be returned to your nearest Sears store. So there is no repackaging and paying for any return postage. That is a sweet deal.

I love shopping online. It is so convenient and when the packages arrive, it feels like Christmas.

Speaking of Christmas- that is my goal- that our little adopted daughter will be home to celebrate Christmas with us. I don't think this is an unreasonable hope. I don't want to set any other deadlines, like for a referral or travel. I just want her home by Christmas. That is my hope.


Blogger Marsha said...
good luck with your adoption. In the last two years, three baby girls from china have been adopted by people I know. There adoption process from beginning to end was approximately 1 year give or take a month or two.

Blogger Glo said...
Well I will need to check out some fundraiser links today for sure, and thanks for the headup on Lands End.

I wish you well on your fund raising. I know how very expensive all of this can be.

Our family learned the hard way to NOT set any just doesn't seem to work that way for some reason I'll never quite understand.

Hope you have a very nice weekend. You are doing great, and one day closer to your child.

Blogger 6blessings said...
Jen, your goal of Christmas sounds awesome! I hope that by Christmas all of us are sharing stories of what our kids did that day, instead of what papers we filed, what news we did or didn't hear, traveling, etc. That would be really great!! I can't wait to see where we all are in 8 months.

Blogger Margaret said...
I checked out your fundraiser link and they have these sets of 5 Liz Claiborne fragrances for $29.50. (Little bottles) I've heard that perfume is a big hit for orphanage caretaker gifts. So that's 5 gifts for under $30. I'm ordering!

Blogger Elle said...
Great idea Jen! I'll take some time later today to check out all of the products. I am intrigued by the perfume that Margaret found.

Blogger Tricia said...
I'm glad your family liked the strawberry shortcake recipe. It's nice to share stuff like this and get new ideas. Sometimes I feel like I'm just cooking the same thing over and over again.

I'll check out your fundraiser.

Blogger Margaret said...
I placed my order for the little perfumes. I have to buy caretaker gifts anyway. This works out perfectly. Thanks!

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