Sunday, April 02, 2006
My Son Is Showing Interest in The Adoption
Kirby (my 7 yr. old) has become more and more interested in the adoption lately. I got a whole bunch of children’s adoption books from the library and he wants me to read them to him. He wants to understand about adoption. I think I might review these books on a later post. Also, I have purchased a few baby books (I got a Clap Your Hands (Puppet Book) from Amazon for .03 and a Baby Faces board book for like a dollar) He wants to look at those too and tells me how much his little sister will love them. I have also purchased some bubbles- called gazillion bubbles. He wants to open them now, but he knows he has to wait.

I am finding that I am starting to tell people that we will have our daughter by Christmas. I know this is dangerous, but people are always, always asking me. I just want to tell them something!


Blogger Margaret said...
It is hard not having a date to say. I have a good 3 or 4 versions of the adoption news that I tell people. From those close to me who get the detailed nitty-gritty, down to the most generic statement. When people I don't that well ask when he'll be home "I just say late spring/early summer." It's too hard to see that blank stare when I say I don't know when he'll be home.

Blogger Glo said...
I don't know if it is better to give a date and then have it NOT happen OR just say I don't know hen , but you will surely know when it happens. My kids said they are wanting a shirt that says No we don't have any news. We will be sure to let you know when we do. They get frustrated that so many ask, but it does mean people care. They are just so frustrated themselves at times. I have learned to NOT ask, but wait for people I know adopting, to give me the news. If I am making contact with them in person, by phone or in cyberspace, it means I care and want to know, but do NOT want to add stress to their stress.

Well the celebrating side will surely be very's this waiting part tha drives you crazy!!
have a great day.

Blogger Glo said...
Thanks for stopping by to watch the video. of Elia's Journey Our Prayers. It was fun to make it. I made it New years Eve actually, which is the anniversary of My husband (Becky's dad death) back in 97. I don't go out New year's Eve to celebrate now without him, so decided to do something positive with what is a kinda tough day in my world.

So I spent hours that day getting that together for Elia and her parents. We as a family do understand how all of you delayed right now are feeling, as it is now April and we still don't have her home either. We are making progress though albeit slow as "cold molasses".

I think 2006 is celebration year for many of you, for others it may be 2007, but it is coming!!! And along the way there will be other things to celebrate, while we wait. And a big group of friends to come alongside and help to pass those days.

Blogger Rhonda said...
I don't think there's anything wrong with giving a date. Then, if you don't make it, just say "We were delayed". Its easier than going into a long explanation of the uncertainties involved in Russian adoption right now. I tell people dates too.

Blogger -Jenny said...
Jen---I told everyone Mia would be home definately at the latest December 2006. Now that is a pipedream and we will be lucky with April 2007. I am soo upset that people still ask and when I try to correct it they don't get it. They think or assume we did something wrong or we won't get a baby or we don't know what we are talking about.

I actually have started saying even later than what we actually expect. We say oh...could be up to 18 months. So, then if there are more delays we can stomach it. Russia is different than China, definately, seems more predictable at this time. I just can't deal with it anymore. With everything being soo unknown, I can't explain it anymore.

I am just tired of it and almost wish we hadn't told anyone anything about it until now.

Blogger Rhonda said...
Oh, and by the way, I love your fundraiser idea. I am still looking through everything!

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