Wednesday, March 08, 2006
We Just Want Our Children : Still waiting for our referral
I was at a Waiting Parents Meeting (a FRUA event) the other day and a woman speaker was talking to us “waiters” about her adoption experience. She said that when she went over to Russia to meet her new children (she was adopting siblings) there was a little boy there who was so unhappy and depressed. She said that this little boy had met his new parents on an initial visit, and now he was waiting for them to return and get him. It had seemed so long to him and he was heart broken, wondering if they were ever coming back. He would only sit in a corner and look depressed. She said she felt really guilty because her two new kids were happily playing with her and her husband and he was just sitting there looking sad. She said her heart just went out to him.

This story just made me nauseous. I couldn’t help but think about my blogger friends who had children over in Russia waiting for them. I don’t know how long this little boy waited. I don’t know if he was ever retrieved, but I am just so grateful that the re-accreditations have come through and parents can be reunited with their children. That is where they belong. I say God speed.

I found the perfect quote to go with this post over on Lauri's Blog
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Blogger Margaret said...
Liv's story broke my heart, too.

The endless waiting seems senseless to me. The kids are the ones that suffer.

You know what is so hard for me. Our friends that hosted over the holidays, they are planning on adopting all three siblings. Our friends are fast and furiously working through Ukraine's paperwork and shutdowns right now. And I think of these 3 tiny little kids sitting there wondering if they are ever going to come and pick them up. It does make you sad thinking about it.

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