Sunday, March 05, 2006
Re-accreditation Update!
O.K. I couldn’t wait to post this tomorrow morning. Great NEWS!!!

My agency, Wide Horizons for Children is listed officially on the
Russian MOE’s Website as re-accredited until Mar 1, 2007!!!

I haven’t gotten a confirmation email from my agency about this yet- so this announcement is not officially official, BUT I am just giving you the information about the website that is publicly available to everyone.

I am on pins and needles waiting to get THE EMAIL from my agency very soon. I just want to see it in print from them. When I get it I will let you all know.

This is such hopeful news that my referral will come soon!!

I am wondering how long I should wait until I start bugging my agency with questions, such as; what is the status of our dossier, is it registered in a certain region, can I get an estimate of when we might receive a referral, is there any paperwork I should update now???

I think I will give them a few weeks to get settled into their “newly accredited” status. I need to be calm and patient. I know. I know- but it is just so exciting!
Blogger Margaret said...
Jen, you're so funny. Couldn't wait, huh? Congratulations. I'm looking forward to giving you the "official" congratulations on Monday.

Blogger jeneflower said...
I know - I am terrible with restraint.

Blogger Rhonda said...
From the bottom of my heart, CONGRATULATIONS! It so awesome that we're all getting accredited together.

Blogger Elle said...
CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! I am just so happy that it happened all at the same time. Woo stinkin' Hoo!!!!

Blogger Liv said...
That's GREAT news. As for your questions, as soon as you get the official email, I would reply right back with your list of questions. They are going to have a lot of families breathing easier now. I hope that your referral comes soon. Good Luck!!

Jen..I am so excited for you guys!. That is so awesome!. I can't wait to hear what happpens next!!. Congratulations!!!

Blogger 6blessings said...
Congratulations Jen!! It is so exciting to hear news that moves you forward. By the way, Newsboys is one of our family's favorite groups too. They were in concert here a few days a go with Toby Mac and Zoe Girl. We didn't go and it bummed by 11 year old out. Oh well, they'll be other chances. Congratulations again!!

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