Tuesday, March 21, 2006
A New Name for Your Russian Adopted Child
O.K. this is where you can all help us. We want to be able to have a new name at the ready, in case we want to change our new daughter’s name (likely). Originally we had decided on Natalia, but then we changed our minds about it. Now we just don’t have any idea. M is partial to Russian names. However, I don’t mind American names. Please send us a couple of your favorite girl name suggestions. Margaret has already suggested some great name ideas: Ekaterina, Marina and Nadezdha- keep the suggestions coming. Hopefully we will find the magic one. I will let you all know what we decide as it gets closer. Thanks for your help!!


Blogger Elle said...
I personally like Anastasia and Irina. Of course I am also partial to Nadya.

I have the hardest time with girl names. I am pretty much screwed if our next referal is a girl.

Blogger -Jenny said...
Jen-Keep in mind what the name will be shortened to cause there is always shortening.


Blogger Gaye & Andrew said...
On our travels to Kaliningrad last week, we met a nice young girl named Yelena (Elena). I thought it was a pretty name. My other suggestion would have been Irina...Elle & I are on the same page :) gaye

Blogger Margaret said...
I love the name Irina, but I'm not a big fan of the nickname Ira. Elle voted for Nadya -- that's the nickname for Nadezdha. I'm sticking with my first vote for Ekaterina (Katya). I like both the full and the nickname.

Sidebar -- I love my boy's name but don't like the nickname at all. It sounds too close to a female body part. I'm going to phase out the nickname.

Blogger Rhonda said...
I also love the name Irina. I think its so beautiful.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Our (waiting) daughters' name Darya (Dasha is the shortened version, not sure if she uses that or not, but I do like Darya. I also like Katya and Oksana. For English names I like the names Grace, Elizabeth, Zoe, Alyssa. If our first son would have been a girl, the name would have been Megan.

Kay B

Blogger Tricia said...
I like the names Elena and Nadya; Katya is also nice. Alexia.

I'm not too good at names, but here is a cool website which shows popularity over time. I also like how you can see different variations of the same name.


Blogger jencc said...
I kind of like Alexa, Sasha, Raisa, Katerina/Katerine. Hope these help. =)

Anonymous Anonymous said...
My daughter's name given to her by her birth mother is Kristina. We kept it. However, her friends could not pronounce it so they shortened it to Nina. That has become her nickname and name she uses in school.

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