Wednesday, March 15, 2006
As a child I lived a sheltered life. I was an unquestioning believer in what I was taught. In my little world this infused knowledge and faith was useful. I experienced miracles and strength. I felt protected and comforted. At the same time, I experienced disappointment, discouragement and frustration.

As I matured, I doubted and I became a truth-seeker.

I found truth-seeking to be difficult. There were too many illusions and mirrors. Too many ugly realities. Too much suffering. Too many mysteries. Too many contradictions.
I felt open and vulnerable.

I abandoned truth-seeking in favor of faith. I started to seek after goodness and happiness in the world and through the spirit. I sought after things that were virtuous and praiseworthy- things that represented love, caring, kindness and support.

I thought- why not place my hope in goodness and faith that bring a smile than in unanswered questions that bring a tear?

I know that all of my questions may not get answered in this life and I accept that.

So, with what I know and feel about life I choose hope, light, peace, goodness, purity, joy, service and connectedness.

I believe in the still small voice.

I trust in comfort and strength from heaven.

I believe my prayers are heard.

*optimistically waiting to add a little girl to our family (husband, wife, three boys & three fishes) through Russian adoption*


Blogger 6blessings said...
Heaven is the best place to place our hopes. God will always be there, even in the rough times. I don't know how anyone survives life without Him. How empty and meaningless life would be!

Blogger jeneflower said...
I totally agree!

Blogger Trina said...
Beautifully put. I believe in the still small voice as well, and if you are quiet and listen it can be pretty loud. Thoughts like the one on your post makes it so much easier to hear. I think you have a beautiful heart Jen.

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