Tuesday, March 07, 2006
THE EMAIL Mar. 6 Reaccreditation
My agency is finally officially re-accredited!


Dear Families!

It is with great joy that we want to share our long-awaited news! Wide Horizons is officially accredited to work in Russia. We anticipate that shortly the referral time frame will go back to normal as we resume working in all of our 9 regions.

Thank you for your patience and we will continue to update you on regular bases!


The Russia Team

I know… I had heard the rumors, seen the MOE site and read an earlier hopeful email from my agency, but it wasn’t FOR SURE until today.

I can now officially congratulate Lisa,Rhonda and Margaret on their agencies re-accreditation too! I have been waiting to do that!

I am going to Russia! I am going to get my little girl! This is really going to happen!

(I know I am rushing way ahead of myself and I haven’t even received a referral yet, just humor me and let me celebrate this day)

O.K. I have got to prepare.

Check list to do now:
Get really excited to wait a few more months
Check when fingerprints were taken (expire 15 months)
Check BCIS approval (expires in 18 months)
Memorize Russian phrases
Come up with a list of tentative names
Pack ahead
Plan trip to Russia

Hmmm... Plan a trip. That sounds fun.

These are the places people have told me to visit in Russia (besides the orphanage and all of the adoption related places of course):

Kremlin , Red Square, Rostick's, Zoo , Planet Hollywood, Bolshoi Ballet, The Trans Siberia Express, The Armory Museum, The Moscow Underground, Tretyakov Gallery, Winter Palace The Hermitage, McDonalds, Old Arbat, Novy Arbat, Danilovsky restaurant, Noblemen’s Nest

Anything I should add or take off? Any other suggestions? Is there even time to site see?

Do we bring our child with us? Any information that people have or have been told would be appreciated.
Blogger Elle said...
A great big CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! I knew it was true, but of course you couldn't be too sure.

Here's hoping for a quick referral!

Blogger Margaret said...
Yay! It was so fun to really announce it. I'm so happy that you, Lisa, Rhonda, and me are on our way.

Blogger Tricia said...
It's awesome that you can all go through the reaccrediation news together. Now, I'm sure we will be discussing, wait obsessing, about length of referral/trip1-2 timing/and coming home dates!!!

Blogger Lauri said...
Congrats- this is exciting news
It wont be long now

Blogger Rhonda said...
Congrats Jen, what a wonderful letter! I think it needs to be framed :)

Anonymous Irina said...
All these places are a must see in Russia. Most of those are in Moscow. If you have time to venture over to St. Petersburg, Hermitage is a must-see.
Congratulations on the accreditation!

Anonymous Mary said...
Oh Jen, I am so happy for you. Today was the first day in a while that I've been able to get on-line and I read this and am so happy for you and your family. Congratulations!

I am doing the touchdown dance for you!!. If you read my post on the day that I got our approval letter (The Swelly Belly post), I did the "dance" that they do when they make a touchdown. I am doing it for you guys right now!!. WOOO HOOO!!. Hey..when I am there next week, I am going to be keeping a journal, one that is a little more detailed than my blog. That way, I can really tell you how the flights are like, customs, the court process...the lo down and what to pack,etc. AND..when you get your referral, let me know how hold your baby is..I have a LOT of girl clothes. Our house is pink galore. It will now soon be sprinkled with some blue!

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