Wednesday, March 29, 2006
American Snob in Russia
The New York Times article: To Russia with Notions made me think. When I go to Russia, will I feel like a materialistic American snob? I don’t like to think of myself that way, but I wonder how I will handle being there. I have heard that you have to have the mind set that it is like going camping. Am I too used to American conveniences and luxuries? Will I miss modern, perfectly climate-controlled homes and buildings and cars, double pained windows, clear English speakers, spacious single family homes, large grocery and department stores with everything I could possible need in one place, free and well-kept modern bathrooms, safe drivers, English cable TV, luxury airlines and transportation, American food? Maybe I am a snob.

On the other hand, I am sure that I will love to experience a new culture, historical architecture that is beyond beautiful, fabulous museums and galleries, exciting shows (such as the Bolshoi if we are lucky), an amazing metro system, interesting Russian dolls and souvenirs, and most importantly gorgeous little orphan children that long to be played with!

And when I think about it- I like to camp.


Blogger Margaret said...
That was such a good article. Despite her best intentions, she had trouble adjusting to a different lifestyle. I think we can endure, appreciate, and learn from the culture in the time we'll all be there. I hope so anyway.

Blogger Elle said...
I love to camp. It is just fantastic.

The architecture is beautiful, the people really are friendly (if you can get past the fact that they don't smile) and the thought of being in another culture and observing it first hand is just amazing. I had always longed to take a backpack across Europe trip, but we could never afford it. Adopting gave me the opportunity to see a part of the world that I would have never travelled to on holiday. There are all kinds of places I would like to see: India, Ethiopia, Cambodia... hmmm, those sound like places where orphan children live. Then D told me we could travel and not actually bring any children home. What's the fun in that?

Anonymous Leggy said...
I wonder about that too. Me, who lives in a 4 bedroom house and finds it suffocating when we visit my mother in her 600 sq foot 2 bedroom condo. But then DH has lived in Europe for about 18 months and I backpacked throughout Europe, so I figure we ought be able to adapt to anything for a little while. That's what I hope anyway.

Blogger Gaye & Andrew said...
It was a little strange when we were there last month and staying with our host family...some days we just didn't know what to do, what was expected of us. The house was a little run-down, but really big. The bathrooms were being "redone" so, the outside walls were exposed. I used up all the hot water on the first day and was told about it...apparently, they heat their water with coal. Who knew? I am used to my american 20 minute showers :)

But, alas, we perservered and met some really nice people and it wasnt all bad...that author has led a very sheltered life and if I were her husband, I would be offended by that article...

But, then again, she wasnt there for adoption and her son was not waiting for her there...that seems to brighten any place :) gaye

You and I are on the same wave length...I am writing about that article now on my blog. We are dialed in to the Russia thing, aren't we?????

Blogger Trina said...
So much to think about! This journey is amazing. I hope you don't get tired of me saying that, but it is.

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