Wednesday, March 08, 2006
Jeneflower: 125 Things
1. My name is Jennefer with an e
2. My parents didn’t give me a middle name
3. I am a mother of three sons
4. I had them all before I turned 29
5. I gave them all middle names
6. I love my family
7. I am the lone girl in a sea of testosterone
8. Sometimes I feel I am a cool mom
9. Other times I feel I could be better
10. I have married my husband twice
11. I was his first serious, longer than 6 mo girlfriend
12. He needed to learn about girls’ idiosyncrasies
13. I love him
14. He is not nice… he is neutral
15. He knows me very well
16. Men think too differently than women
17. I am grateful for all he does for me and our family
18. Medical residency has been a long road
19. He is a hard worker
20. He takes out the garbage
21. He likes to be right
22. He likes to shop with me
23. He always buys me flowers
24. He has a shoe obsession
25. I overwork myself in school
26. I couldn’t live with myself if I didn’t do my best
27. I got a B once and I was depressed for days
28. I sent my teacher 10 emails a day asking her to reconsider
29. She started to threaten me
30. This still hurts
31. I come from a family of 9 children (4 boys, 5 girls)
32. My parents made us wear matching striped shirts to Disney Land
33. I am the 2nd oldest
34. I never babysat my younger siblings
35. My mom didn’t think I was responsible enough
36. My father is a dentist
37. Two of my brothers are dentists
38. One of my sisters is a dental hygienist
39. My dentist wanted to know where I went wrong
40. Many of my siblings have a lot of problems and issues
41. I can’t do anything about them
42. My brother thinks we are twins
43. This is not a problem
44. Three of my sisters have muscular dystrophy
45. I don’t know why not me
46. My middle child used to be afraid of everything
47. He wasn’t able to be in a room alone without crying until he was 7
48. Even in the day
49. I don’t know why
50. He is much better now
51. We go to church
52. Prayer helps me get along through life
53. I hope in an existence after death
54. I never want to be pregnant again
55. Morning sickness made me feel suicidal
56. I want a little girl
57. To do stuff with
58. To shop for
59. To tilt the balance in our home
60. Adoption is a comfortable path for me
61. I feel a connection with orphans
62. My favorite movie was The Rescuers
63. I felt adopting was always my destiny
64. I don’t know how a new child will affect our marriage
65. Kids can be hard on marriages
66. They can also bond you tighter together
67. Mike is a night person
68. He barely talks all day long
69. He likes to talk at night when I am trying to sleep
70. I am a morning person
71. I exercise a lot
72. Maybe too much- Maybe not enough
73. I am a "that's good enough" kind of person
74. I am obsessive about lists
75. If I couldn’t make a list I would stop living
76. I would not have any idea what to do next
77. Blogging has fulfilled a need in me I didn’t know I had
78. I am grateful for my blogger friends
79. I love to browse bookstores and libraries
80. My oldest son is a speed reader
81. He has read more books than I will ever read in a lifetime
82. I love my technology classes
83. I hope to be able to have a real job someday
84. We live in a rental home
85. We have moved 14 times in 13 years
86. I like to move
87. I want to move to a warm place with inexpensive large homes
88. And good schools
89. But it might be Alaska or Germany
90. Which sound exciting and adventurous
91. I don’t like how the military controls our lives
92. M could get deployed to Iraq
93. We have talked about moving to Australia someday
94. We will probably end up living in Park City, Utah someday
95. I love ski resort towns
96. I take too many photographs of things or people and forget events
97. Photography speaks to me
98. I eat the same things everyday
99. If we are out of my foods I get very distressed
100. When I eat other foods I feel sick
101. I look and act normal and calm
102. I am not spontaneous
103. If people show up at my door or call unexpectedly I panic
104. I need time to prepare for things
105. I go out to lunch with a group of friends every month
106. I used to act in high school
107. I got a full ride college scholarship from the speech department
108. I don’t have time for acting anymore
109. I was a difficult teenager to raise
110. I don’t know why my kids are so good
111. I am very forgiving of other people
112. I always feel like it must be my fault
113. I have a hard time understanding super late people
114. Or people that don’t keep commitments
115. If I had more time I would love to clean my house better
116. And my car
117. I drive a Honda CRV
118. M installed a third row seat in the back of it
119. I never want to sell my car
120. I love family board games
121. I will be sad when my youngest son doesn’t want to hug me anymore
122. He is worried of being replaced by our new daughter
123. He will never be replaced
124. All of my children are individual and special to me
125. I am very blessed


Anonymous Leggy said...
I like these lists but I've never gotten around to doing one myself.

We have #s 2, 5, 8, 9, 60 (becoming more each day), 64, 77, and 78 in common.

Blogger Sinklier Family said...
Thanks for posting this Jen. I love these lists. It's such an interesting way to get to know our bloggy friends. I havn't congratulated you on the reaccreditation news, so CONGRATS!!!! That is awesome! Can't wait for your post that you've received the referral of your daughter!

Thanks for your nice comments to me!


Blogger Elle said...
You are right, we do have quite a bit in common. You have me beat on the moves, but we aren't military so I think that makes me the winner in that department. Oh, did I mention I am quite competitive?

Blogger -Jenny said...
Full ride to college is big, really big!!!
I love lists too.

I actually haven't seen a list like this yet. I love it! There are a lot of things that you have in there that we have in common!. I was cracking up!. I wished I exercised like you do....please send that over my way...PLEASE!!!!!!

Blogger Tricia said...
some interesting tidbits of new information about you... did you know that one of your google search ads right now is "". totally unfitting, especially after reading your post, but i do enjoy how these change as you post new messages. :)

Blogger Rhonda said...
Great list, Jen! Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous Mary said...
Wow, at the start of this entry, I didn't think you were actually going to list all 125...well done. I'm a list maker too!

That was really fun to read. When I read my sister's (Sinklier Family) I cried. I knew what she was talking about. I thought only because I knew her did I know what she was talking about. But, when I read your's I felt connected to you, too. I am glad to learn something about you. Thank you for sharing.


Congrats on your agency's reacreditation. Happy, Happy, Happy.

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