Friday, February 24, 2006
You All Are So Nice
Since I started this blog I do feel that the time has gone by quicker and I am feeling better today. I truly am happy that things are moving along in Russia for everyone.

However, I was also thinking to myself yesterday- I am sure these other bloggers are thinking- how could she feel sorry for herself for not yet receiving her adoption referral when she already has 3 kids? So I was chastening myself over this thought. And I thought- that is right- so, I don’t have my little girl, but I have a very nice husband and 3 boys. Not to mention that it was my youngest son’s birthday yesterday. So I was really trying to focus on him and the rest of my family. I was telling them how wonderful they all were. I kept telling my husband what a nice guy he was. Finally he told me (perhaps after he had had enough):

Mike: I am not nice!

Jen: You are not nice?

Mike: No, I am just neutral.

Jen: You are neutral? What is that? What are you talking about?

Mike: I am just neutral O.K.

Jen: What about your friends at work- they think you are nice.

Mike: No they don't.

Jen: They think you are neutral?

Mike: They don’t think anything. They don’t think about it.

Jen: I bet they think you are nice. Why would they like you if they didn’t think you were nice?

Mike: They don’t analyze my personality. They just like me or not. I don’t know.

Jen: So, do you think I am nice? Or neutral?

Mike: I just like your personality. It doesn’t matter if you are nice.

Jen: So you don’t think I am nice.

Mike: You are nice, O.K. Everybody is nice! Can we change the subject?

I realized I was bugging everybody in my family with the “nice” thing. So I stopped. But my husband did tell me he loved me as he was walking out the door this morning (which he doesn't do every day), so even though he acted like he was annoyed by me I think he really liked it.

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Blogger Elle said...
Jen there is no way I would ever think that since you already have 3 boys you have no right to feel guilty.
We travelled with another couple who also has 3 boys and are getting a girl. She and I complain constantly on how hard the stinkin wait is. Waiting is waiting and it sucks no matter what!
And for the record I think you are nice, sweet, friendly, and a very supportive friend.

Anonymous Mary said...
Testing, testing...Jen, I think I can finally comment on your blog - YEAH!

In short, thanks for the list of orphanage questions, beautiful family, don't feel guilty, love the pics you put on the blog...GREAT BLOG!

Blogger Gaye & Andrew said...
Jen, you are very called me over the weekend last weekend when I was so frustrated. Without you and my other russian adoption blogger friends, I would scream daily. Your daughter is going to be so lucky :) gaye

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Jen, are you getting this message?

Blogger Margaret said...
All of our situations are different, Jen. We all have the right to feel stressed. True, you have 3 wonderful, handsome boys. But there's room in your heart for another.

By the way, I think you're very nice!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I use to belong to the all boys club. Last year I had a little girl and she has completly changed my life. You are a wonderful mom, with a wonderful family. You should NEVER feel guilty about wanting to raise a daughter. She is out there waiting for you too. And when you find her, she will be truly Blessed to call you Mom!

-Natalie from Alaska

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