Friday, February 17, 2006
My husband came home from Walmart today with a Batman and Darth Vader mask.

Not for our kids, but for himself.

I am not sure what his plans are for these masks, but I am sure he will surprise us all at breakfast one morning or sometime when we are not expecting Batman or Darth Vader to arrrive.

If you don't already have children, I am warning you that your husband (or other male figures in your life) might turn into somebody you have never met before when your new child arrives home.

The first sign of it in our family is when M put a lamp shade on his head in order to make our baby laugh.

This is not something I forsaw when we were dating and he was all about "looking cool".

I guess I did have a clue on Halloween when he painted his face and wore a wig akin to a member of the KISS rockband.

I find; however, that humor is one of the only things that gets you through the tough times with kids.

So if you find your husband turns into the family clown, count yourself lucky.


Blogger Rhonda said...
Very cute, sounds like he's a good Dad.

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