Wednesday, February 15, 2006

I stopped to take a look at this toilet that was just sitting in somebody's front yard. Hmmm interesting lawn decoration. It is a good thing that they put that "Out Of Order" sign up. I might have been tempted to use it. Lisa- can your husband put this in his stupid campaign? Posted by Picasa
Blogger Gaye & Andrew said...
That is so funny! Thanks for the laugh today :) ~ gaye

Blogger Elle said...
Jen, You just illustrated a very good point. I hope D reads your blog.

During the christmas break D, his BIL and Father replaced the toilet in our back bathroom. Said toilet is still sitting in our side yard. At the flower and garden show D says, hey! you could use that toilet as a planter. My reply, sorry honey I am not going to have that kind of flower pot in my garden.

Of course this made him chuckle. I must say the out of order sign is a little over the top. Although I have used the "facilities" in some pretty bad spots before.

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