Thursday, February 02, 2006
Russian adoption agencies
O.K. so January came and went and no reaccreditation news from my agency so far. I heard the U.S. agencies: FTIA = Families Thru International Adoption, Wyoming Childrens Society, and Hand in Hand (not sure on this one) got reaccredited, along with Adoption Horizons and Caring Homes For Orphan Children both from Canada. Our agency is Wide Horizons For Children (USA), but I know a lot of people waiting for Alaska International Adoption Agency (USA) to be accredited as well.

We have good friends who adopted through AIA and highly recommended them to us. I interviewed Olga from AIA and she seemed really nice, but the problem was that I have a hard time understanding people with accents. I think I am retarded in this area.

In fact, I used to think I wanted to be a medical transcriptionist. You know, one of those perfect work-at-home kind of jobs. I thought I would be ideal because I like to type and I type fast. However, the reality is that medical transcriptionists listen to poor recordings of doctors speaking complicated medical terminology with a variety of really strong accents, and then they expect a professional written report out of it. This is when I found out that I was deficient in understanding other people speak.

Hello. I grew-up in a small town in Utah. There are no accents there. Everyone speaks the same there. Come to think of it, everyone looks the same there. You know what, everyone is the same there. It is like entering the Twilight Zone. No, I am kidding. Utah is very nice. I miss the mountains, the ski lodges, the sunny snow days and the low traffic. Not to mention the low threat of terrorist attacks (we currently live in the metropolitan Washington DC area). We might even move back some day.

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Blogger Elle said...
Ok, so Rhonda and I share a brain. So of course I found you through her blog. I am Lisa (aka Elle) and welcome to the waiting club!

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