Tuesday, February 21, 2006
Dream: Adoption Worries?
This is not what I was going to write this morning, but I woke up from an interesting dream.

In my dream Nicole Kidman was giving me advice. I don't know why her.

We were outside in an empty, natural place standing together and she said to me, "Women are obedient. For example, a person will come along and tell you to dig a hole." I respond to her saying, "I will not dig a hole!"

"But", Nicole says, "the person will convince you that if you dig this hole it will do somebody somewhere a lot of good... So you will say "O.K." Then in my dream I start to dig this hole. Nicole continues, "You will sweat and work hard for a very long time digging this hole until it is very, very deep." I continue digging.

"Then," Nicole continues, "after all of your work you will stand back and wait. You will realize after a while that the hole is not doing anyone anywhere any good. You look around and see nothing good coming of it." I start to look discouraged. I am now alone standing by my hole.

Then Nicole appears again and continues, "After awhile the person who told you to dig the hole will come along and say to you- "Jump in the hole". She says, "You will protest". Then I say strongly and adamantly, "I will not jump in the hole!"

Nicole continues, "But by and by as time goes on you will, of course, fall in to the hole." Then I fall in to the hole and I woke up.

I am trying to figure out if there is some significance to this dream. I have never really thought about dream interpretation or believed in that type of thing, but this almost seems like it is some sort of message. Of course, the message might not be for me. It might be for someone who will read this post. Perhaps a person who will read this will know what it means and that it was meant for them. I don't know.

Perhaps I dreamed about Nicole because I knew she has adopted and I am worried about my upcoming adoption. There are so many what ifs.


Blogger Elle said...
Jen, How strange. I have a "hole" story too.

A few years ago D and I were going through a not so happy time (actually it was just me). I passed by a church on my way to the grocery one day and the reader board said, "If you are already in a hole stop digging." At that very moment I realized that all the trouble between us was mostly me. I stopped digging the hole and crawled out.

I have lots of church reader board stories, but I like that one the best. Not sure what your dream means, but maybe you are digging or have dug a hole that you are afraid of getting out of or falling back into?

Blogger jeneflower said...
My son gave me a good interpretation of this dream. He said someone will try to persuade me to do something that will seem like a good thing and will require a lot of work on my part. However, I shouldn't trust them because it will ultimately hurt me in the end. So the moral of the story is to be careful who I trust. I know this is not about the adoption although it is a lot of work and I do feel it will help someone, but nobody pursuaded me or talked me into it- so it can't apply here. Perhaps I will just keep this in mind for the future.

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