Wednesday, February 22, 2006
Adoption Agencies Reaccreditation
On this particular Russian adoption group thread I responded to a couple who were wondering which agency to choose. Most people were telling them to choose an accredited agency and to avoid non-accredited agencies like the plague.

I wrote:

I think one thing that needs to be brought up is that the agencies that are currently accredited could lose their accreditation when it expires this year and not receive it back right away.

Another consideration is that the unaccredited agencies that are next up for accreditation in the spring ( ) would be the agencies that would be guaranteed the longest accreditation time. I do not know exactly which of the last 18 or so agencies will receive accreditation in the spring, but if you are just starting it might be to your advantage to wait for these or to use an agency that was just recently accredited.

This was the response I received from a particular individual:

“I find your logic about agencies that are currently accredited possibly not receiving reaccreditation right away, unnecessary and flawed.

If we use the two examples of agencies recently reaccredited, it would seem others will receive theirs in a timely fashion as well. I am not sure why you would make such a statement. Is it only to spread unwanted fear into a community that is already "always on egg shells"?

If it is to be "realistic", then I find your view to be rather pessimistic.”

...Hmmmm… Did I sound pessimistic and like I was spreading fear??

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Blogger Rhonda said...
Yet another reason that I have stopped reading the message boards. I don't understand why they are so rude to each other!

Blogger Elle said...
I would have to say that the poster did not present a valid arguement. YOU did.
They used the example of the recently reaccredited agencies. In fact these particular agencies waited a year or more to receive reaccreditation, thus emphasizing that reaccred does NOT happen in a timely fashion.

My biggest bit of assvice... stop reading the boards. I know it is hard, but sooooo worth it. Those people get me worked up to the point of sickness. I. hate. an. invalid. arguement.

Blogger Amy C said...
No your were just giving friendly advice that I find to be truthful.
It only logically that someone jsut starting the adoption process do that anyways...

Some people...

Don't listen to them!!!

Hope you get good news soon


Blogger Sinklier Family said...
I very much dislike those message boards...what is up with those people!!! I haven't read much but I'm always hearing stuff from my sis that they say, man, they can be sooooo mean to each other!

Anyhow, I don't think you said anything wrong and I think the person who responded to you should be added to D's campaign.

Take care!

Blogger Liv said...
You sounded logical to me. I don't think most people realize how long it actually takes to get documents done. By the time they actually get their documents done, the agency should have its reaccredidation. However, most advice that I read did mention that you should only choose accredited agencies. I think that should be amended to include agencies with good standing with Russia but that's my opinion. Even if an agency is accredited, the program could close tomorrow... not to be a Debby Downer, but it's true.

Blogger Gaye & Andrew said...
I don't even read the boards any Lisa said, they just get me upset and mad. Your comments were fine. Don't worry!! ~ gaye

Blogger Margaret said...
I haven't been able to give up on the boards yet, either. It's like an addiction. But I rarely post anything for fear of getting flamed. Don't worry about what you said... you were perfectly right and just trying to be helpful. On those boards you'll piss someone off no matter what you say.

Blogger Tricia said...
Hi Jen,
I saw your post on the board. I think this was the only public negative comment, others where backing you up so I think for the most part "viewers" were on your side and took it as a helpful piece of advice. I wouldn't worry about it.

I still find some useful information on the boards once in a while, and the boards help fuel my adoption addiction. But at time, they can get me down. After reading the boards, it's amazing that people still consider Russian adoption. I'm also amazed at how "uneducated" people are about the country, process, and adoption/family issues on these boards. Many potential candidates for the Protesting Stupidity site for sure. I guess we can't all be brilliant!!! :)

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