Friday, February 03, 2006
Daily Russian Adoption News to your Email
Russia Adoption: I found the most up to date list on current and newly accredited agencies here:
You have to scroll down to find the list, but it is there.

I subscribe to this great email service called Google alerts. My subject: Russian adoption. So all of the current news articles on Russian adoption are sent right to my email box once a day. There was a really moving story today about an adoption of an older child and the hunt for her sibling from the news. I think I might consider adopting an older child when I am older. I am not sure. I will think about it. Right now we have requested a little girl 0-24 months. I think that will fit best into our family.

I will really try to keep this blog current. I don't like it when I am following a blog that interests me and then all of a sudden they stop writing, or there are big chunks of time between submissions. So, I will try not to do that. I also like to see photos on other's sites, so I will try to post photos periodically.


Blogger Lauri said...
Best of Luck on your journey- we just received our referral and are set to travel Monday for trip #1
It has been an adventure so far- but worth it


Blogger Margaret said...
Welcome to the world of blogging, Jen. Prepare to get addicted. I'm happy to find another Russian adoption blog.

Blogger Rhonda said...
Hey Jen,
Hopefully they'll keep reaccrediting and our agencies will receive news soon. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Blogger jeneflower said...
Thanks everyone. I am learning from ya'll.


Blogger Elle said...
You'll make it! I used to read the news too, but it took a turn for the worst and I quit.
At your low points you will find that these girls are always there to hold you up!

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