Monday, February 20, 2006
Celebrate Russian Culture Today Or Not
This week you can celebrate the traditional Maslyanitsa Russian Pancake week. From Monday through Sunday, pancakes are served outdoors with honey, caviar, and fruit. This festival bids good-bye to the winter season with a bonfire- the hotter the fire, the warmer the summer will be. People wear masks and costumes for songs and dances. Its roots are in the old "blini"celebration that mark the coming of spring. A round golden blini pancake was said to represent the sun. Hmmm...sounds good. I am hungry.

Well, you learn something new everyday. Actually I am not in the mood to celebrate today. As I sit here my head still hurts from when I slammed the car door into my head. Yes, it is true. I opened my car door and got smacked in the face. This has never happened to me before, so I didn't even know to look out for it. I think this would be difficult to do even if you were trying to do it on purpose to yourself.

Also, my oldest son came in my room this morning saying that his head hurt. Then he proceeded to go into the bathroom and throw-up. Not into the toilet of course- where one could easily just flush it. He decided it would be a good idea to throw up in the sink. So there it is waiting for me to clean up. My solution is to block that out of my mind and avoid it by writing this blog.

To top the day off it is really cold. It has been really cold lately. In fact January was warmer. I know I don't know anything about cold until I have traveled to Russia in the dead of winter, but I am hoping to avoid that. I want to move to a hot place I have decided. Like Hawaii. Wouldn't that be nice. I bet everyone's life is perfect in Hawaii. How could it not be????


Blogger Margaret said...
This Thursday is also "Day of the Defender of the
Motherland" in Russia -- or "Men's Day." I think a lot of businesses even shut down for that day.

Blogger Tricia said...
San Diego is awesome. No snow, no cold. I now wonder why people choose to live in the cold. That said, I do appreciate the desire to be "home", where your friends/family are, and where you can get a good job. But we are talking about no ice, no waiting for the car to heat up, etc. :)

Well, actually it's pretty cold now... in the low 60s most days. (yes, I'm spoiled)

you poor thing - that sucks. When my son was little, he used to throw up EVERYWHERE. He even threw up during dinner one day and I had to catch it in a salad bowl. Gives new meaning to "Tossed Salad" - UGH. I feel for ya.

And I agree - Hawaii must be perfect . I have never lived there but it looks beautiful.

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