Saturday, February 11, 2006
Blogging About My FRUA Event
I posted a couple of photos of our boys- so now you know it is true. We are over run with testosterone in this home. We are in desperate need of a girl to tilt the balance to the other side.

I was at a FRUA event on Wednesday evening (MNO) and I was talking about how I was worried that my boys might be a little too rough and tumble for a little girl in the house. However, the other FRUA members assured me that a little girl would change their ways and they would be very gentle. I guess we will see.

I also brought up "adoption blogs" at the Frua event. Someone mentioned that she hates the word "blog". I was so glad she said that because I really have never liked the word. In fact, I hesitated starting one because I so dislike the word. Couldn't they have just stuck with the word log or logging. I mean blog sounds so bloggy, bleggy, soggy or something. Perhaps they could have called it something cleaner or smarter. Well I suppose they could have called it webbing (from weblog instead of blogging) and we could have all felt like a great big family of ducks or perhaps spiders.


Blogger Rhonda said...
Yeah, the word blog is weird.

I have only brothers and trust me, your girl will rise to occasion. Girls can be tough! My brothers are younger but bigger than me, so I am still always defending myself around them. Wouldn't trade them for anything.

Blogger Elle said...
I am sure you know but the word blog started from Weblog. It just got shortened. Yes the collective they could have picked a better term.

I have 2 younger brothers and I love them! I always wished I had an older brother though. I am the oldest and I don't like it very much. Your girl is going to be sooooo spoiled by those boys!

Blogger jeneflower said...
Yea. They should have just kept it as Weblog. I think it was one bloggy person who thought up the nickname and printed it somewhere and then everyone else (the collective which I am not a part of) thought, "How cool. What a bloggy good nickname. Let's use it forever.OK!"

I know I sound cynical. Really the word "blog" grows on you after awhile. It's not that bad I guess.

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