Wednesday, February 01, 2006
To Do List : Waiting for Adoption Referral

Everyday I have these plans on my To Do list. Now this list would get accomplished everyday if I didn't have to pass by my computer every time I go in my bedroom. I think the computer has a force that pulls me in and I just have to check my emails and my other saved sites that might have news on reaccreditation and my adoption referral. I keep thinking that if I do enough Google searches I will actually find the news I am looking for.

Today my plan was simple. Finish the Laundry, Finish my Science Lab homework, Exercise ( I have a collection of workout tapes), Shower, Go to the Library, Pick up my son. It is almost 4PM and the laundry is partly finished on my bed behind me and do you see me finishing it? OK I am now going to finish the laundry. REALLY. OK I will get to it....



Blogger Rhonda said...
I hear ya on the laundry. Not a fun chore at ALL.

I hope you don't mind, I blogrolled you.

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